At CLS, we believe in building bridges around the world, and making our children responsible global citizens. Below are just a few of the international partnerships we've participated in.


Chiba Language School (CLS) has partnered with Hippo Family Club for many years. Each summer, we organize an exchange program where both of our students experience each other's culture.


Advanced Elementary students from Chiba Language School (CLS) produce, write, and film videos to exchange with students at Trinity Valley School (TVS), 

benefiting from the rich language and cultural exchange. 


CLS elementary students attend classes on campus for one month, 

enjoy extracurricular activities and 

go on road trips to nearby cities.


Chiba Language School's (CLS) first international study tour abroad. Students attended international school and explored the beautiful city-state.


CLS summer camp students switch roles and become teachers. They lesson plan, teaching English and Japanese to elementary students from less-privileged families.

CLS partnered with Cube King - Kids Coding School- to fully incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) into our curriculum and teach "coding unplugged" at our kindergarten.

Through the Pingtung Da Hua Marathon Association, Mr. Sato leads a group of Japanese marathon runners to CLS and give basic marathon instructions to our kindergarten and elementary students.


Through Professor Uesu from Meio University, Japanese university students do a summer internship at CLS.


University of Colorado Springs students from UCCS' Department of Education put theory into practice on a visit to Chiba Language School.


University of Central Oklahoma students complete a summer internship at CLS.

Students majoring in Early Childhood Education and English from National Pingtung University (NPTU) and Japanese students from NPTU sisters school Himeji Dokkyo University, Reitaku University, 

Hiroshima Shudo University visits CLS.

Learning Kindness

Chiba Language School (CLS) kindergarten helps Santa bring  holiday cheer to the residents of Bethany Home, performing and giving gifts to the residents.

CLS Summer/ Winter Camp students volunteer at Tzuchi Recycling Center and learn about the importance of recycling for our environment.


A group of Japanese university students led by Professor Yamane visits CLS to observe our educational theory in practice.

CLS signed partnered school agreement to prepare students to test in "TOEFL Primary" and "TOEFL Junior" administered by ETS.


Chiba Language School (CLS) elementary students attend classes for two weeks and live with local families for two nights. Students enjoy extracurricular activities in the afternoon and road trips to nearby cities on weekends.

Chiba Language School (CLS) summer camp students organize an annual flea market, designing games, making, and selling goods donated by families. Kindergarten students enjoy shopping with their parents.

All the proceeds go to T.F.C.F.

CLS Winter Camp students assist Lotus Light Charity Society of Taiwan by visiting schools in remote areas and introducing Japanese Tea Ceremony and English to other students.

CLS Winter/Summer Camp students volunteer at a long term care center for the elderly.

If your organization is interested in developing a partnership or joining one of Chiba's existing programs, 

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